Top Five Issues

While traveling the country I have had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals and discuss the pertinent issues facing parks, recreation and sports. The following represent what I see as the top five issues facing our profession. The solutions vary based on what community you are in and how your agency is managed, but the issues are mostly the same.

Protect Your Agency

The ability to protect your agency and its mission while contracting with nonprofit organizations, vendors, and partners in park development and programming assistance.

Plan Ahead

Without a plan you will fail. Organizations need master plans and strategic plans that will act as a guiding light for all you do.

Budget Wisely

Finding money and controlling costs are the key to sustaining your park agency. The successful agencies will understand how to find necessary funds and then operate as lean as possible to ensure that you do not expend more than you should.

Build Morale

Agency morale is as important as anything else you do. Morale is not a by-product, it is something that needs to be incorporated into agency management.

Understand Politics

Political environments change every day. It is important to understand this new normal and how you can operate in a very different political climate.